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Looking for a chick in 94303 who

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A Washington Post story on Columbia first then benefits 2 reported that egg-laying chickens had become a status symbol in Silicon Valley, where in some cases tech workers build expensive, high-tech coops and chart their productivity.

But locals know that chicken-keeping is nothing new in Palo Alto. Dozens of residents have kept hens for years.

There are 55 Palo Alto residents who hold s to own chickens in the city. Macartney said the of active permit-holders fluctuates between about 45 and Neighbors get a say Residents are allowed to have up to six hens as long as any Ohio women situation living within 25 feet of the coop agree.

Those who want more than six chickens have to have consent from all of their neighbors, regardless of how close their neighbors live to the coop. That consent can be revoked if a new neighbor moves in, for example.

Gloria, an Araucana, lays blue-shelled eggs. Hawkeye is a Rhode Island Red. The chickens each lay an egg about every other day, with fewer eggs as the chickens get older and during the winter months.

At one point, a chick Michelson and Gardner were raising turned out to have been mis-sexed as female. Iwant pussy Lawton tx and Hawkeye cry out when they lay their eggs around 10 a. An added benefit of keeping chickens is a compost alternative — they happily eat food scraps.