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Any sext thick woman looking for some fun Wants For A Man

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Age: 49
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Looking Couples
City: Box Elder County, Searsmont, Barton-upon-Humber
Hair: Red
Relation Type: Bored At Work This Week Looking For Female For Fun

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I think of a woman that has a round, sexy booty, some full figured, no gap in between thighs, a nice figure-8 shape, and fully blossomed breasts. She looks like she can get the attention of every man.

I guess depending on your age and where you are Housewives want sex tonight CO Norwood 81423 you might be offended, but it is a common term used to describe a sexy, voluptuous woman Lots of variations too including 'slim thick' and 'thickems.

To each their own! Love it. I write romance novels and used thick to describe a heroine's thighs.

My editor didn't like it, told me some readers would find it to be offensive and a turn-off. I completely disagree, it's a word that describes a body type that Horny women Rhode island strong, feminine, and beautiful but there are few other words that can describe such a body so wholly and with such positive and sexy connotations - in my humble opinion. It's like catcalling.

I'll walk into a store and hear some guys talk amongst themselves going 'damn she phat' or 'thick. Like you're just sizing me up and undressing me with your eyes before even getting to know North Dakota ND bi horney housewifes. Some girls appreciate it and consider it a compliment.

Not me. So many are quick to embrace it not realizing it's setting the same unhealthy trends that the skinny models did years.

What if we just started to embrace different sizes and shapes and stopped trying to define perfection? She is not considered to be fat or skinny, but a happy middle.

It's a way to say that you've got a body that your ificant other wants to grab onto. It's the new way to call a woman sexy.